Trainee Auditor/Credit Clerk
Regularity Audit

Location: National & Provential Full time Salary: Negotiable Requirement Overview

Job Purpose

Support the audit teams in conducting an effective and efficient audit by conducting baseline audit work, executing the audit procedures and ensuring that all relevant audit information has been documented in preparation for drafting of the audit report.

Key Performance Areas (KPA’s)

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of client business by reading the audit files of previous years, gather information from the AGSA management and also engage with appropriate staff at various levels at the auditee
  • Contribute to the development of audit plans

Audit Execution

  • Conduct the audit in accordance with professional standards, audit legislation and quality standards
  • Analyse and interpret financial statements and identify unusual features or issues
  • Interpret the relationship between the elements within financial statements
  • Review financial statements to ensure proper accounting of all expenditure and receipts
  • Verify the financial systems to ensure the correct payment as per the accounting standards

  • Audit reporting

  • Identify points arising from audits including the formulation of sound conclusions and constructive recommendations in terms of business systems, processes and internal controls
  • Assist in compilation of the management letter.
  • Compilation and issuing of exceptions report to the clients.
  • Evaluate the client’s response to the exception reports and the management letters.
  • Compile progress reports on audit findings
  • Stakeholder engagements

  • Build strong relationships with auditees (key contacts to get information) to ensure successful audit process
  • Liaise with relevant key stakeholders (internal and external) to ensure effective coordination, communication and coverage of relevant audit issues
  • Financial management

  • Monitor own recoverability and ensure compliance with budget targets.
  • Ad-hoc duties (Applicable to All JD’s)

  • Perform and/or manage other projects, tasks and assignments not stipulated on the job description as and when required
  • PCommunication

  • Able to express ideas in a clear and precise manner.
  • Asks to confirm level of understanding
  • Able to respond to questions arising from his/her communications.
  • Drive Performance Excellence

  • Makes specific changes in own work methods to improve performance. Examples may include doing something better, faster, at lower cost, more efficiently; or improving quality, customer satisfaction, morale, etc.
  • Embrace Change

  • Publicly supports the mandated change initiative, verbally, in writing or by aligning his / her actions as requested.
  • Receptive to change and adapts own ways of working as appropriate, seeking support if necessary
  • Is receptive to new ideas and working methods.
  • Service Excellence

  • • Maintains clear, direct communications with stakeholders, follows up on deliverables and commitments.
  • Does what is necessary to meet the needs of stakeholders, working within own area of responsibility and control
  • Listens actively to clients, demonstrates an understanding of diverse stakeholder needs and fosters effective two-way communication.
  • Acts on feedback and makes concrete attempts to make things better for the customer

  • Business Acumen

  • Takes initiative to know and understand the unit/ business.
  • Demonstrates interest and enthusiasm to acquire and update one’s knowledge with relevant business information.
  • Gathers information about new developments in subject knowledge with relevance to the organisation’s core business
  • Understands how his/her position fits into the overall organisational strategic priorities
  • Initiation and Innovation

  • Consistently remains open to ideas offered by others; recommends and uses good ideas from sources outside the immediate environment to solve problems.
  • Take the initiative to identify gaps and improve processes in own scope of work
  • Suggests new and innovative approaches and methods for completing assigned tasks
  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Works collaboratively together with others to achieve group goals and objectives
  • Supports team decisions and does his or her share of the work without having to be reminded.
  • Demonstrates teamwork by consistently going out of their way to support others in the pursuit of common team and organisational goals
  • Puts team objectives ahead of their own individual objectives.
  • Are never afraid to pitch in when extra support is needed
  • Willing contribute to the team’s development and success, and to accept joint responsibility for the team’s short comings
  • Auditing
  • Technical understanding of audit environment, audit standard practices and reporting on audit outcomes
  • Financial management/h3>
  • Ability to plan and monitor the use of expenditures to meet organisational objectives and compliance. Ability to prepare and review budget documents or reports
  • Reporting

  • Ability to plan and monitor the use of expenditures to meet organisational objectives and compliance. Ability to prepare and review budget documents or reports
  • Computer literacy

  • Ability to do work on a computer using MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint etc

    Formal Education

  • B Compt/ B Com Accounting/ B
  • Preferably a Certificate in • Theory of Accounting (CTA) or a B Com Honours degree
  • Preferably have a CTA or SAICA accredited undergraduate degree and..
  • Be eligible to register  for a CTA or PGDA

  • B Com with SAIGA required subjects:
  • Financial Accounting (three full years)
  • Auditing (two full years) – excluding internal auditing
  • Management Accounting (two full years)
  • Taxation (one full year)
  • Computer Information Systems (one full year)
  • Commercial Law (one full year)
  • Statistics (one full year).
  • ACCA accredited B Com, B Acc, B Busc and..
  • Be exempted from F1-F9 ACCA fundamental modules

  • Technical professional Certification

  • Public sector knowledge
  • Knowledge about PFMA and MFMA
  • Accounting and Auditing legislation and standards or principles≤
  • Experience

  • No working experience required
  • Computer literacy

  • Ability to do work on a computer using MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint etc

  • The performance agreement of the incumbent, which attributes specific targets to the above mentioned outputs would be developed and agreed SEPARATELY based on this Job Description.
  • Befints
  • Medical Aid
  • Performance Bonuse
  • Cellphone Allowance
  • Company Laptop

How to apply

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